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One Mile for Love, founded by Jiayi Bu, is an organization that raises awareness for the families of ill, injured and wounded service members.  As students at leading universities, we harness the energy of the youth by involving them in walking one mile for love, to demonstrate that very small acts of giving, can have a substantial impact in inspiring Love and how we care for each other as a society.  We are firmly rooted in the belief that acts of Good, whether small or large, have a transformative effect on society.

We raise awareness and funds for Fisher House Foundation, an A+ rated charity (http://fisherhouse.org) that provides lodging for the families of wounded, ill and injured service members while their loved ones are being treated.

Participants in One Mile for Love can donate funds, airline miles or hotel points directly to Fisher House Foundation and receive a receipt for their donation.  For more information, contact Jiayi at 1MILE4LOVE@gmail.com



jiayi-bu-at-george-washington-universityAbout Jiayi Bu

This is Jiayi Bu. I am a Chinese international student studying at the George Washington University majoring in International Affairs at the Elliott School of International Affairs. Within the past year that I have been in Washington DC, I have had the opportunity to witness enormous important events, such as president Xi Jinping visiting the White House, and the United States presidential election.

As the founder of “1MILE4LOVE”, there were two events that are very important to me. One of which is when I participated in the Invictus Games in May, 2016 as a Chinese volunteer. The Invictus Games was hosted in Orlando by the Fisher House Foundation and Prince Harry’s Invictus Games Foundation. More importantly, I met friends from the Fisher House Foundation who inspired and encouraged me. Some of them are Tish Stropes, Vice President with Fisher House Foundation, Pamela Collins, a supporter of Fisher House Foundation, Mark Brodie, Owner of MIB Media Works and Nick Mavrick, a supporter & volunteer with Fisher House Foundation.  With their encouragement, “1MILE4LOVE” was founded in the George Washington University.

As an international student, I remain incredibly grateful for the encouragement from Mrs. Stephenson, the associate dean of ESIA, whom encouraged me to volunteer in the Untied States. We were endorsed by Dean Brigety of ESIA when we first started “1MILE4LOVE”, receiving an email from President Knapp of the George Washington University which he wrote “I think it is great that you are doing so much to support our veterans and military families!”.


Dean Brigety, of Elliott School of International Affairs at The George Washington University and Jiayi Bu.  While Dean Brigety will not be able to attend the event, we cannot thank him enough for his support and encouragement!

I am humbled to share, when we first promoted “1MILE4LOVE” to our university, we got positive responses from GWU Veterans, GW Valor and many Greek organizations. They are excited to join and volunteer for the event. We also formed our team for “1MILE4LOVE”: Asiana Cooper, Yichang Liu, Ziyan Yu, Yueding Wang.

We are very fortunate to garner the support from the Vice President of Fisher House Foundation, Mrs. Tish Stropes and her colleagues. They created a donation page for our event and we received the very first donations from our loving donors.  Mr. Nick Mavrick donated the creation of our website: www.1mile4love.com. Mr. Mark Brodie, and his wonderful team, created the films for “1MILE4LOVE”, and also invited talented music producers to create a theme song for us.

Best, – Jiayi Bu

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Website: http://1mile4love.org

About One Mile for Love

One Mile for Love, founded by Jiayi Bu, is an organization that raises awareness for the families of ill, injured and wounded service members via Fisher House Foundation.
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